National Cybersecurity Month

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October is National Cybersecurity Month

Did you know cyber crimes have accounted for trillions of dollars in losses, as per Juniper research the amount in 2019 was $2 trillion.

With such vulnerabilities revolving online, companies are investing heavily in cybersecurity and training, particularly regarding online scams and ransomware attacks.

It is estimated that by 2027, global spending on cybersecurity will reach $10 billion. In this age, where there is no escaping the Internet, it is very important to understand the importance of cybersecurity and more importantly, the types of cybersecurity threats around you.

Creating and maintaining a safe and secure cyberspace is key to preventing private information from landing in the hands of individuals who may use it for their benefit. This month Encompass will be sharing ways to protect sensitive information as well as share what we are doing to help protect access to our systems.

What is Cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is keeping systems, records, and information safe online by defending computers, servers, mobile phones and other electronic devices from potential malicious attacks.

Why is it important? Cybersecurity is important because organizations and businesses collect, process and store an unprecedented amount of data on computers and other electronic devices that may contain sensitive information. Taking the necessary steps to safeguard this information is imperative to avoid a cyber-attack.

Here at Encompass, we are committed to taking proactive steps to build effective security measures into our business to defend our data and protect critical information. This is why we are launching a new initiative to ensure the appropriate level of access is given to all agency personnel who access Encompass systems. Beginning October 1st, agents will be scheduled to complete annual certification of all agency staff members. On the first of every subsequent month, additional agents will be scheduled to complete annual certification. Encompass agents are required to recertify every year.

Once your agency is scheduled to begin certification, an email will be sent to the agency principal with details on how to complete this intuitive and quick process. Additional information, including FAQs and an overview of the certification process is available for your review here under the “Agency Administration, Licensing & Profiles” section.

Encompass is committed to continuously reviewing and enhancing our processes to ensure we are keeping our data and systems secure. Over the next few weeks, we will provide regular communications on changes we are making to reduce the risks of cyber threats and preserve the integrity of data for you and your customers.